KUCCPS Registered Members

Public Universities

  1. Chuka University

  2. Co-operative University of Kenya

  3. Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

  4. Egerton University

  5. Garissa University

  6. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University Of Science And Technology

  7. Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology

  8. Karatina University

  9. Koitaleel Samoei University College

  10. Kenyatta University

  11. Kibabii University

  12. Kirinyaga University

  13. Kisii University

  14. Laikipia University

  15. Maasai Mara University

  16. Machakos University

  17. Maseno University

  18. Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology

  19. Meru University Of Science And Technology

  20. Moi University

  21. Multimedia University Of Kenya

  22. Murang'a University of Technology

  23. Pwani University

  24. Rongo University

  25. South Eastern Kenya University

  26. Taita Taveta University

  27. Technical University Of Kenya

  28. Technical University Of Mombasa

  29. University Of Eldoret

  30. University of Embu

  31. University of Kabianga

  32. University of Nairobi

Public University Constituent Colleges

  1. Alupe University College (Moi University)

  2. Kaimosi Friends University College (Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology)

  3. Tom Mboya University College (Maseno University)

  4. Turkana University College (Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology)

  5. Bomet University College (Moi University)

  6. Tharaka University College (Chuka University)

Private Universities

  1. Africa International University

  2. African Leadership University

  3. Africa Nazarene University

  4. Amref International University

  5. Catholic University of Eastern Africa

  6. Daystar University

  7. Great Lakes University Of Kisumu

  8. Gretsa University

  9. Inoorero University

  10. International Leadership University

  11. Kabarak University

  12. KAG East University

  13. KCA University

  14. Kenya Highlands Evangelical University

  15. Kenya Methodist University

  16. Kiriri Women's University of Science & Technology

  17. Lukenya University

  18. Marist International University College

  19. Mount Kenya University

  20. Pan Africa Christian University

  21. Pioneer International University

  22. Regina Pacis University College

  23. Riara University

  24. Scott Christian University

  25. St Paul's University

  26. Tangaza University College

  27. The East Africa University

  28. The Management Univesity Of Africa

  29. The Presbyterian University Of East Africa

  30. RAF International University

  31. United States International University

  32. University Of Eastern Africa, Baraton

  33. Uzima University College

  34. Umma University

  35. Zetech University

Public Colleges

  1. Ahmed Shahame Mwidani Technical Training Institute

  2. Aldai Technical Training Institute

  3. Asumbi Teachers Training College

  4. Bahati Institute of Business and Administration

  5. Belgut Technical and Vocational College

  6. Bandari Maritime Academy

  7. Baringo Technical College

  8. Bishop Mahon Teachers Training College

  9. Bomet Central Technical Vocational College

  10. Bondo Technical Training Institute

  11. Borabu Technical Training Institute

  12. Bukura Agricultural College

  13. Bumbe Technical Training Institute

  14. Bunyala Technical Training Institute

  15. Bunyore Teachers Training College

  16. Bureti Technical Training Institute

  17. Bushiangala Technical Training Institute

  18. Butere Technical and Vocational College

  19. Centre for Tourism Training and Research

  20. Chanzeywe  Technical Vocational College

  21. Chuka Technical and Vocational College

  22. Cherengany Technical & Vocational College

  23. Chepsirei Technical And Vocational College

  24. Seme Technical And Vocational College

  25. Kimasian Technical And Vocational College

  26. Elwak Technical and Vocational College

  27. Emsos Technical And Vocational College

  28. Gatundu South Technical And Vocational College

  29. Bungoma North Technical And Vocational College

  30. Mabera Technical And Vocational College

  31. Kendege Technical And Vocational College

  32. Webuye West Technical And Vocational College

  33. Lari Technical And Vocational College

  34. Kaelo Technical Training Institute

  35. Chamasiri Technical And Vocational College

  36. Chepalungu Technical Training Institute
  37. Coast Institute Of Technology

  38. David N Wambuli Technical and Vocational College

  39. East Africa Institute of Certified Studies

  40. East Africa School of Aviation

  41. Ebukanga Technical and Vocational College

  42. Ekerubo Gietai Technical Training Institute

  43. Emining Technical Training Institute

  44. Emsos Technical and Vocational College

  45. Endebess Technical Training Institute

  46. Fayya Texchnical & Vocational College

  47. Friends College Kaimosi

  48. Galana Teacher Training College

  49. Garissa Teachers Training College

  50. Gatanga Technical and Vocational College

  51. Gitwebe Technical Training Institute

  52. Godoma Technical Training Institute

  53. Ijara Technical & Vocational College

  54. Ikutha Technical Training Institute

  55. Kabarak University TVET Institute

  56. Kaiboi Technical Training Institute

  57. Kaimosi Teachers Training College

  58. Kajiado West Technical and Vocational College

  59. Kakrao Technical & Vocational College

  60. Kamukunji Technical and Vocational College

  61. Kapcherop Technical and Vocational College

  62. Karen Technical Training Institute for the Deaf

  63. Kericho Teachers' College

  64. Kericho Township Technical and Vocational College

  65. Karumo Technical Training Institute

  66. Kasarani Technical and Vocational College

  67. Katine Technical Training Institute

  68. Kenya Forestry College

  69. Kenya Industrial Training Institute

  70. Kenya Institute of Highways & Building Technology

  71. Kenya Institute of Mass Communication

  72. Kenya School of Monetary Studies

  73. Kenya School of Revenue Administration

  74. Kenya Institute of Surveying and Mapping

  75. Kenya Water Institute

  76. Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute

  77. Kericho Township Technical and Vocational College

  78. Keroka Technical Training Institute

  79. Kiambu Institute  of Science and Technology

  80. Kibwezi West TVC

  81. Kieni Technical And Vocational College

  82. Kiirua Technical Training Institute

  83. Kimasian Technical And Vocational College

  84. Kiminini Technical And Vocational College

  85. Kinango Technical And Vocational College

  86. Kinangop Technical And Vocational College

  87. Kinoo Vocational Training Centre

  88. Kipipiri Technical and Vocational College

  89. Kipkabus Technical and Vocational College

  90. Kipsinende Technical and Vocational College

  91. Kipsoen Technical And Vocational College

  92. Kiptaragon Technical And Vocational College

  93. Kisiwa Technical Training Institute

  94. Kitelakapel Technical and Vocational College

  95. Kongoni Technical And Vocational College

  96. Konoin Technical Training Institute

  97. Koshin Technical Training Institute

  98. Kwale Teachers Training College

  99. Laikipia East Technical and Vocational College

  100. Laikipia North Technical and Vocational College

  101. Laisamis Technical and Vocational College

  102. Limuru Technical Vocational College

  103. Lodwar Technical And Vocational College

  104. Lungalunga Technical Vocational College

  105. Maasai Mara Technical and Vocational Training College

  106. Machakos Technical Institute for the Blind

  107. Manyatta Technical Vocational College

  108. Marist Technical Vocational College

  109. Masai Technical Training Institute

  110. Masinga Technical and Vocational College

  111. Mathenge Technical Training Institute

  112. Mathioya Technical and Vocational College

  113. Mathira Technical and Vocational College

  114. Matili Technical Training Institute

  115. Mawego Technical Training Institute

  116. Merti Technical Training Institute

  117. Meru Teachers Training College

  118. Michuki Technical Training Institute

  119. Mitunguu Technical Training Institute

  120. Mochoi Technical and Vocational College

  121. Mochongoi Technical and Vocational College

  122. Moiben Technical and Vocational College

  123. Molo Technical Vocational College

  124. Morendat Institute of Oil & Gas

  125. Msambweni Technical and Vocational College

  126. Mukiria Technical Training Institute

  127. Mukurwe-ini Technical Training Institute

  128. Mumias West Technical and Vocational College

  129. Mungatsi Technical and Vocational College

  130. Murang’a Technical Training Institute

  131. Murang'a University of Technology TVET Institute

  132. Musakasa Technical Training Institute

  133. Mwala Technical Vocational College

  134. Mwea Technical & Vocational College

  135. Nachu Technical and Vocational College

  136. Nairobi Technical Training Institute

  137. Naivasha Technical and Vocational College

  138. Narock Teachers Training College

  139. Ndaragwa Technical and Vocational College

  140. Ndia Technical and Vocational College

  141. Ngong Technical And Vocational College

  142. Nkabune Technical Training Institute

  143. North Horr Technical & Vocational College

  144. Nuu Technical and Vocational College

  145. Nyaga Vocational Training Centre

  146. Nyakach Technical And Vocational College

  147. Nyandarua Institute of Science & Technology

  148. Okame Technical Training Institute

  149. Ol'lessos Technical Training Institute

  150. Omuga Technical And Vocational College

  151. P.C Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute

  152. Rachuonyo Technical Vocational College

  153. Railway Training Institute

  154. Ramogi Institute Of Advanced Techology

  155. Rangwe Technical And Vocational College

  156. Riamo technical Vocational College

  157. Riatirimba Technical Vocational College

  158. Rift Valley Institute of Science & Technology

  159. Rift Valley Technical Training Institute

  160. Runyenjes Technical and Vocational College

  161. Rwika Technical Institute

  162. Sabatia Technical and Vocational College

  163. Sang'alo Insitute of Science & Technology

  164. Seme Teachers College

  165. Shamberere Technical Training Institute

  166. Samburu Technical And Vocational College

  167. Siala Technical Training Institute

  168. Siaya Institute of Technology

  169. Sirisia Technical Vocational College

  170. Siruti Technical & Vocational College

  171. Sot Technical Training Institute

  172. Sotik Technical Training Institute

  173. St. Augustine Teacher's Training College - Eregi

  174. St. Joseph's Technical Institute for the Deaf Nyang'oma

  175. Tambach Teachers College

  176. Technology Development Centre - Athi River

  177. Tetu Technical and Vocational College

  178. Tharaka Technical and Vocational College

  179. Thika Technical Training Institute

  180. Thogoto Vocational Training Centre

  181. Tom Mboya Labour College

  182. Turkana East Technical And Vocational College

  183. Ugenya Technical and Vocational College

  184. Ugunja Technical And Vocational College

  185. Weru Technical And Vocational College

  186. Wote Technical Training Institute

  187. Ziwa Technical Training Institute

Private Colleges

  1. African Institute of Research and Development Studies

  2. Beauty Point College

  3. Bridgeworld College

  4. Clastars College

  5. College of Human Resource Management

  6. Equip Africa College of Medical & Health Sciences

  7. Equip Africa Institute

  8. Embu College

  9. Gretsa Institute of Technical & Professional Studies

  10. Highlands State Technical College

  11. ICDL Africa Ltd

  12. Jodan College of Technology

  13. KAN College Of Professional Studies

  14. KCA Technical College

  15. Kenya Aeronautical College

  16. Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute

  17. Kenya Institute Of Management

  18. Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development

  19. Kenya School of Medical Science and Technology

  20. Kenya YMCA College of Agriculture & Technology

  21. KIPS Technical College

  22. Machakos Institute of Technology

  23. Mahanaim Educational Institute (College)

  24. Maseno School of Nursing & Health Sciences

  25. Nairobi Aviation College

  26. Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology

  27. Nairobi Institute of Technology

  28. Nairobi Technical Training Institute

  29. Nairobi Womens Hospital College

  30. Nakuru Training Institute

  31. Oshwal College

  32. Outspan Medical College

  33. Rachuonyo Teachers Training College

  34. Rift Valley Institute of Business Studies

  35. Sagana Technical Training Institute

  36. Sensei Institute of Technology

  37. SOS Technical Training Institute

  38. Stanbridge College

  39. St. Columba’s Technical Training College

  40. Span Institute of Technology

  41. Technical Institute

  42. Traction School Of Governance And Business

  43. Transafric Accountancy and Management College

  44. Tropical Institute of Community Health

  45. Uwezo College

  46. Vantage Teachers Training College

  47. Vera Beauty College

  48. Vihiga College of Business and Technical Training

  49. Vitech Training Institute

National Polytechnics

  1. Eldoret Polytechnic

  2. Kabete National Polytechnic

  3. Kenya Coast Polytechnic

  4. Kisii National Polytechnic

  5. Kisumu Polytechnic

  6. Kitale National Polytechnic

  7. Meru National Polytechnic

  8. North Eastern Province National Polytechnic

  9. Nyeri National Polytechnic

  10. Sigalagala National Polytechnic

Teacher Trainer Colleges

  1. Lugari Teachers Training College

  2. Kenya Technical Trainers College

  3. Kagumo Teachers Training College

  4. Kibabii Diploma Teachers Training College