Starehe Girls' Center Forum

Friday, June 12, 2015
(Edna Kerubo, Immaculate Nato)

The career talk started at 9 am with opening remarks from Mrs. Mukunya who is also the career teacher. Mrs. Mukunya introduced the theme and welcomed Mrs. Wanjohi the Director Starehe Girls’ Centre who gave a speech to the students and the invited guests.

The first speaker was Dr Joe Gitau who is an academician and a motivational speaker. Next on line was Emma Gishong’e an engineer at Safaricom Ltd who shared her journey in school and also in the corporate world. Next was Nuru  Juma who specializes in personality, career choice and success. She talked on the importance of aligning ones personality with the career choice. She was followed by Faith Waceke Mwaura the CEO Divas Galore.

Edna Kerubo represented the placement service and she started off by giving a brief background of the placement service, the functions, the placement procedure, the application process and she finished off with the calculation of the weighted cluster points.

The last speaker was Dr Wale Akinyemi who is a consultant and also a writer. He talked to the students about the challenges he experienced growing up and what he did for him to be successful.

Mr. Njoroge then finished off by giving the closing remarks and the students then proceeded to the various institutional tents for further clarification .At the placement service tent most of the students wanted to know the cluster points of the different programmes together with the subject combination.

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