Mithingiini High School

Friday, March 18, 2016


The main aim was to educate the school’s form four students on course selection and address any misconceptions held by them regarding our placement service’s offerings.

  1. Improving knowledge of the Placement Service and its services

Educating the students and their career teacher on the services and courses available to them allows us to increase the alternatives available for students as they consider the next stage of their academic lives. 

The form four students present at the event in particular will have the opportunity to make informed choices as they select their courses at the end of their school lives.

  1. Reducing application mistakes.

We believe by offering an accurate description and explanation of institutional rules regarding registration and application procedures, we can reduce the errors that students and teachers make when selecting courses at the school level.

This should, potentially, have the additional benefit of highlighting the transparency and accountability of the process and consequently improve confidence in the process.

  1. Extending impact beyond the attendees

Finally, the project explicitly aims to extend its impact well beyond the current candidates, by educating their career teacher, we hope to ensure that he will share the information with his peers and future students enriching their networks and capable of rolling out to a wider client base.


The career master convened the candidates in the afternoon; Mr. Gatumu provided a comprehensive talk to the entire school on the placement service, its functions, outlining the nuances of subject selection for those in form one and two; the common mistakes that arise during application and the ways to avoid them to maximise the chances of placement in the courses the form four candidates would prefer.

He also provided information on the institutions and programmes on offer that should provide a wider range of choices for the candidates to select from beyond the traditional institutions.

We then answered questions posed to us by the students in an interactive Q&A session.


The career talk allowed us to reach the students of this school who were excited to have us and got full utility from the experience; a key step in their journey to college admission and their dream careers.

The impact of the talk will be significant to them, increasing their options and providing information for them to base their future decisions on.

It also motivated the career master to start organising a career fair that other school may attend and gain the information.


There is great importance in educating the students about to select their courses; access to timely information and the need for all individuals have equal access to information is vitally important.

The talk, I believe, allowed us to simplify the process and break down the barriers to sharing or requesting information with the students sharing information freely with the service’s representatives to seek advice and specific knowledge.


Providing consistent and easy access to the placement service is vital, the career master expressed surprise that we were willing to go to the school; we should aim to improve awareness of our services.

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