Dagoretti High School Career Fair

Saturday, July 4, 2015
(Annes Kassim, Cynthia Ambuso)

The event commenced with prayers and a welcoming note by Madam Priscilla and Fred of Luleti consultants followed by an official opening of the career fair by the deputy principal Dagoretti High School; Mr. Kairu.

Ms Cynthia was given an opportunity to present and she started by introducing her colleagues Ms. Kassim and Mr. Antony, she then proceeded by giving a brief introduction of the placement service; informing the students what government sponsorship entails and the minimum entry for both degree and diploma programmes; the students were clearly not aware of the C- mark for diploma eligibility.

She also took the students through the various application processes starting with the school application up to the second revision highlighting the limitations of the second application process; she also gave a brief explanation of the online application process, mentioned the number of public universities in Kenya and informed the students the stumbling

Blocks they put themselves as a result of putting emphasis on the institution as opposed to the course one wishes to partake hence missing out due to competition.

On the subject combination; she emphasized the need to be aware of subjects required for various careers early enough before making subject choices in school. She introduced the students to the weighted cluster formula; highlighting what clusters are and the disadvantages of the previous formulae as used by the Joint admissions board; the major one being students of higher and lower points in the same grade getting a similar credit.

Las but not least; she urged the students not to disregard diploma courses and explained the significance of skills acquired in the society. She also emphasized on the significance of motivation before embarking on any course. The inter universities and faculty transfers by students have created the impression that most students embark on courses they are not motivated enough to work hard for.

Finally; she advised the students to create awareness among themselves on the emerging career trends considering how fast some carriers phase out in the market. She encouraged the students who miss out on the various applications despite being qualified and are placed on random courses to take advantage of the inter faculty and university transfers to pursue careers of their choice.

The fair ended with brief presentations from representatives from other institutions and we all headed to the tents where one on one sessions with students were done.

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