Chebunyo Boys Career Fair

Thursday, February 18, 2016
(Edna Kerubo, Daina Kibogo, Annes Kassim, Kimani Gicho)

The Journey to Chebunyo boys was one not an easy one; it was marred by 30 Kms of a beat-up road. The warm reception accorded to us by the principal and his colleagues however was overwhelming, pleasantries were exchanged and a short tour of the school which we learned was built in 1976 but still in good condition.

In the meantime, former alumni of Chebunyo boys; Mr. Julius Ngetundo who was among the invited guests had a chance to enlighten and give insight to the students about his journey from Chebunyo boys to his successful self to date.

We made our way to the dining hall after tea break and the career teacher started by introducing us to the students, majority being from threes and fours, we learned the school has a total population of 500 students.  Chebunyo boys were one of a kind; disciplined, respectful and well organized. This could be seen by the way they welcomed visitors, responded to their teachers, fellow students and how they generally carried themselves.

M.s Daina Kibogo started by introducing the rest of us before inviting M.s Edna Kerubo for a presentation. The students were given a brief history of the placement service; the transition from The Joint Admissions Board to the State Corporation it is today, the functions were highlighted. The students were made aware of the applicant, course and institution eligibility. The speaker put emphasis on the placement policy, subject combinations for various courses and how we arrive at the weighted cluster points. She also urged the students to be careful during application and do away with the notion that one can only do better in institutions of learning that have been long established.

 M.s Kassim then took over the next session where students were requested to note down questions for efficient response. Several things were noted; the students had a huge misconception on the subjects required for various courses, English as the number one subject in law courses for instance was a shocking revelation to many. Some thought the placement service was an institution of learning with relations to University of Kabianga; one of the invited guests.

The question and answering session therefore enabled the students learn more by clarifying what they thought otherwise.  The difficult journey to Chebunyo was indeed worthwhile.

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