Career Talk at Bristar Girls

Friday, February 13, 2015
(Monica Ng'ang'a, Irene Kerubo, Julius Maithya)

The career talk was presented by Monica Ng’ang’a acting Deputy CEO. She started by giving a brief background of the organization and its formation. Then proceeded to highlight the functions and the placement policy of KUCCPS.

She then gave out the procedural steps of students’ application to KUCCPS for government sponsorship that is school application, first revision and second revision. And proceeded further to explain the criteria used to place students to various universities and colleges based on merit and further highlighted a scenario where by two students got same grades and same points fortunately applied for the same course in the same institution, one qualified the other does not. In this case she emphasized on the issue of performance index that is being used to place students in such cases.

The students and the other participants were also taken through the affirmative action a factor being considered in placement of students’ whereby an active effort to improve education opportunities of members of minority groups is considered.

After the talk from various speakers an information desk was set up where the student came to inquire more about the organization and the placement procedure. And the session ended at 4:30pm.

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