Booker Academy Career Fair

Friday, February 20, 2015
(Edna Kerubo, Cynthia Alabu, Michael Muhia)

The host school’s facilitator used their strong connections with various other schools and stakeholders in the community and assisted us greatly in reaching them by getting multiple schools to attend the activities of the Career Fair.

We set up a booth where we interacted directly with the event’s attendees in one-on-one sessions, distributing our brochures and answering any of the questions they had to facilitate a deeper and well-rounded appreciation of the services provided by the organisation.

In the afternoon, we provided a comprehensive talk to the attendees on the placement service, its functions, outlining the common mistakes that arise during application and the ways to avoid them to maximise the chances of placement in the courses the students would prefer.

We then answered questions posed to us by the students in an interactive Q&A session.

The fair improved the reach and impact of the talk by increasing the number of links on which the knowledge can spread. Specifically we refer to the spread of information about opportunities through a local community. Even in very low numbers, links quickly improve overall information take up, if every participant passes on the information provided to just one other, the take up rate should improve.

We continue to provide an ongoing resource for students, teachers and parents; through this fair and the material provided to the stakeholders, we provide a good and sustainable base to link them to information relevant to them and advice on how to maximise the utility of our services.

KUCCPS is developing a respected role within the local community. Connections with various stakeholders of the schools in the community are developing and getting stronger. The exposure from the fair has helped us to reach new members to the project and also opened up doors to attend other similar events as participants expressed enthusiastic interest in being invited to contribute again next year. 

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