State House Girls Forum

Friday, May 22, 2015
(Cynthia Ambuso, Immaculate Nato, Julius Mutuku)

The career talk started at 8 AM with motivational talks from different pastors who sensitized the students on the importance of their spirituality.

The career teacher Statehouse Girls then introduced Mercy of Edulink who took the students through the different careers that they can venture into. Some of the careers she talked about were in the hospitality industry and the aviation industry among others. This enabled the students to think out of the box when it came to career choices.

One of the alumni of statehouse girls who is also a lecturer at Strathmore university was there to motivate the students. She also shared her experiences in life and what she did for her to be successful.

The next speaker was Cynthia Ambuso from the Placement Service who gave a talk to the students. She started with a brief background of the Placement Service and its functions. She then proceeded on with  what the students should consider when applying for the courses and the kind of mistakes that students make when applying. She then concluded with the calculation of the weighted cluster points.

The school had set up institutional tents where the students would more information and interact with the our tents the students wanted to know more about the placement process and the cut off points for different programmes offered in different institutions.

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