Milestone as Placement Service Selects 12,000 Government Sponsored Students for Private Universities

NAIROBI, September 19, 2016

Private universities on Monday began admitting government-sponsored students to their campuses, marking a milestone for the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service. This follows the successful placement of 12,096 government-sponsored students to various degree programmes in 29 private universities. This brings to 86,485 the number of government-sponsored students placed to universities in 2016, since 74,389 others had already been admitted to public universities.

The details of the students placed to private universities were released to representatives of the institutions during a special stakeholders workshop hosted by the Placement Service and Management University of Africa at the university’s main campus in Nairobi on September 9, 2016.

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service is a State agency established by the Universities Act, 2012 and mandated to coordinate the placement of government-sponsored students to universities and colleges; disseminate information on available academic programmes; and develop career guidance and counselling programmes for the benefit of students, among other functions.

Since becoming operational in 2014, the Placement Service has been selecting government-sponsored students for public universities and colleges. So as to increase access to university education for Kenyans, President Kenyatta in August 2016 approved the placement of 10,000 2015 K.C.S.E. candidates to private universities under government sponsorship, in addition to the 74,389 who already had been selected to join public universities.

As a result, the degree programme cut-off point for the 2016/2017 placement effectively dropped by two points to a B – of 58 points for boys and a B – of 56 points for girls for the 2015 K.C.S.E. candidates.