Loreto Convent Valley Road Career Talk

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
(Cynthia Ambuso, James Ochieng', Anthony Njogu)

We arrived at the school at exactly 1:00pm and received a warm welcome by the school career master Mr. Karanja who then introduced us to the school deputy Principal and other teachers, then took us around the school showing us various departments.

At around 1:30pm we assembled at the school hall whereby again we were introduced to the students by Mr. Karanja then immediately Ms. Cynthia Ambuso took to the podium and started highlighting the roles of KUCCPS, matters arising in the placement service concerning the placement of students in Universities and Colleges and the criteria used in placement. Then later on James carried on with with the issues of Universities preference, issues of weighted clusters and the questions and answers session. 

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