Kijabe Girls High School Forum

Thursday, June 4, 2015
(Monica Ng'ang'a, Annes Kassim)

The talk was initialized with a prayer by a student from Kijabe Girls High School who then handed over to the dean of students Mrs. Mutua.

Mrs. Mutua briefed the students on the reasons for our visit and then handed over to Ms. Monica Ng’ang’a who introduced herself then invited her colleague M.s Annes Kassim for an introduction.

 Ms. Monica started the first session of the presentation by informing the students the background of the placement service and its functions. She emphasized on the eligibility of the courses, students and institutions on matters placement. She also talked of the placement criteria emphasizing on the overall gender affirmative, affirmative action on particular courses, marginalized areas and the various considerations for applicants with disabilities.

The second session was mainly inspirational; the deputy C.E.O explained the performance index and then embarked on giving a deeper understanding of the need and benefits of career planning. She also borrowed from the inspiration of the Israelis from their works of commitment and motivation. She urged the girls to do their research on the concept ‘Desiderata’ and apply it when planning their careers and life in general.

She finalized the presentation by inviting questions, the girls wrote down the questions which were then compiled according to their similarities and responded to promptly.

The question “Is epilepsy a disability?’’ drew attention from the deputy C.E.O who felt it should be looked into.

The presentation was finalized by remarks from the school principal.

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