40th Kessha Annual Delegates Conference

Sunday, June 14, 2015
(John Muraguri, Convil Sabato, Judy Chebet, Kimani Gicho)

The Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESSHA) is an annual delegates conference for headteachers from secondary schools from all over the country. It acts as a platform to engage and share ideas and challenges facing the headteachers in various parts of the country and for government representatives invited as guests to outline state interventions as far as education curriculum in Kenya is concerned. The theme of this year’s conference was “RE-EVALUATING RELEVANCE AND QUALITY OF EDUCATION IN KENYA”.

The event kicked off on Monday 15th June with an estimated number of 7,000 delegates present as representatives of the different counties in Kenya. The ceremony was officially opened on Tuesday 16th June by the guest of honour  H.E Hon.William Ruto E.G.H Deputy President –Republic of Kenya, in the company of Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi  Cabinet Secretary-Ministry of Education and Dr. Lydia Nzomo TSC Chairperson and  Host Governor Hon. Ali Hassan Joho. 

We arrived at the venue on Monday 15th June at 8:00 AM, we set up an information desk where we had interactive sessions with the teachers as well as parents who came to make inquiries about the university and colleges applications as well as other activities that we carry out as the Placement Service.

The CEO of the Placement Service Mr. Muraguri visited the Stand on Tuesday to ensure that everything was running smoothly, he also interacted with some of the clients to know whether they were satisfied with the services they received from the Placement Service.  

A good number of clients visited our stand to consult on the issues of First and Second revision of courses, the criteria used in placement of students from minority and marginalized areas as well as the placement of students with disabilities. Other issues addressed were concerning Inter-faculty/ Inter-university transfers and the need to visit their respective schools for career guidance to students with regard to application of courses to the higher institutions of learning. 

We comprehensively engaged with both the teachers and parents, some commending the Placement Service for the good work it is doing in carrying out its mandate while others showed dissatisfaction regarding the same. Among the complaints raised were; late release of results hence inconveniencing the students on whether to apply for self-sponsored programs or not, some of them think that most of the vacancies are reserved for self-sponsored students especially with the competitive courses, majority of the parents argued that most of the school applications are never submitted by some school principals. We explained to them that the selection is system based and placement to courses is done by merit. We also emphasized that we place students based on the capacities declared by the institutions in relation to cut off points and weighted cluster points of the students.

The event was well coordinated, the clients who visited our stand left satisfied with the answers as well as the courteous reception they received from us. They were eager to invite officials from the Placement Service to their schools for career fairs and enlighten the students on the application procedures and processes.

The conference was officially closed on Friday 19th June at 1:00 PM and we left the venue.

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